Enjoy the beautiful and interesting river sights of Bangkok, including many temples. Take a self-guided boat trip on the regular express boat on the Chao Phraya river from the Phra Athit Pier (near Khao San Road) to the Sathorn pier (BTS Taksin Bridge) or vice versa. Find a map in the sidebar >>>

Thonburi Railway Station

Replaced in 2003 by the Bangkok Noi train station 1 km. further down the road, the 1900 Thonburi station was the terminal of Thailand's western railway route. Japanese troops used it as a base in Thailand during WWII and it is most famous for its connection to Kanchanaburi, where they used prisoners-of-war and forced labour to build the so-called "death railway" to supply their troops in Burma. The station was one of the many targets bombed by the Allied Forces and rebuilt afterwards in the same style.

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